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Being born and raised in California, USA, Danny is your typical very competitive cyclist. He does have lots of experience in fixing bikes of all kinds, including gears, chainrings, and he’s a self-taught expert in PSI elements (Pounds per Square Inch) for all types of bike tires. Thanks to a previous PhD degree in engineering and research programs across USA, Europe and Australia in which he participated, Danny uses his in-depth knowledge in improving his own bikes but also to test different products and harness their full potential. For the last 7 years he has also competed at different sized cycling tours and across period 2014-2019 Danny won awards in USA, different countries across Europe and Australia.

A Cyclist’s Guide on How To Fit Clipless Pedal Cleats

Cleats on shoes do wear out. They are not an item, I’m afraid, that last forever. How often you need to replace them depends a little bit on how much you ride, but actually mainly on how much time you spend walking around in your cycling shoes. Basically, how much time do you spend in […]

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Ultimate Guide on How To Position Cleats On Cycling Shoes

Today we will talk about one of the most common cyclists concerns. How to get the right cleat positioning. First of all it must be clear that the cleat position in may vary according to the different types of rider and their own body features, however we will show you a simple procedure that will […]

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Cycling Guide on Descending Mistakes To Avoid

Getting it wrong going up hill is bad enough, but make a mistake when descending and it could have far more serious circumstances So here’s what to avoid when the road goes down. My first time for the vast majority of the time that you’re plummeting down hill you should be looking upwards and forwards […]

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