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Top 5 Sprinting Mistakes To Avoid at All Times

If you’re in too large a gear, you won’t be able to get that initial jump and acceleration needed to get up to speed as quickly as possible. Churning in excessively big gear will also mean you lose the element of surprise on your rivals, essentially opening the door to defeat. Select that gear and […]

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How To Pack Cycling Jersey Pockets Like Pros

It’s the day of your big event You’ve got yourself in shape, and your bike is primed and ready to roll. You’re fueled and you’re adequately kitted out But what do you take with you in your jersey pockets to make sure you’re prepared for nearly all eventualities? Especially here in the beautiful Dolomite where […]

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5 Cycling Descending Mistakes To Avoid Tips

Getting it wrong going up hill is bad enough, but make a mistake when descending and it could have far more serious circumstances So here’s what to avoid when the road goes down. My first time for the vast majority of the time that you’re plummeting down hill you should be looking upwards and forwards […]

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Top 5 Cycling Myths

We will talk about five cycling myths which is still running in our society. People often say that instead of taking such expensive bicycle, I should have taken motorbike or scooter by adding some more money Guys I believe that we should take any vehicle according to our purpose and not to show off and […]

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Controlling Your Front Wheel and E-Bike Handling Tips

Learning to place the front wheel can be massively handy in lots of trail situations In this video, we’re gonna look at how to and where to use the technique. The first step, what’s the technique involved when it comes to front-wheel control and placement Well, there’s two different approaches to it You can either […]

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Importance of Exercise Bike Pedals

A lot of persons from the modern society are not dynamic enough. Physically speaking, of course. Because of the stressful working conditions and everything that is on their head, many have the tendency of forgetting about their health and don’t do any type of exercise meant for keeping them in perfect physical condition. However, there […]

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Replacement pedals for exercise bikes

An exercise bike represents the perfect solution for the ones that want to lose some weight and maintain a good physical condition without going to the gym every day. It occupies some space, but on the other hand it is easy to use, comfortable and has a great effect on the muscles from your legs. […]

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Triking Your Bike

In order to trike your bike you need to reach out to an installer of trike conversion kits and accessories. There are many authorized Motor Trike dealers and specialized in converting 2-wheeled motorcycles into 3-wheeled trikes. Also there are different manufacturers of trike conversion kits. Usually, Triking Your Bike offers complete sales and installation of […]

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How To Ride A Road Bike

It is essential for people to know how to ride a road bike. A road bike is either a racing bike or a bike for road use. It can be used for travelling or going shopping. It can also be used for other duties such as going for working and transporting a few things. This […]

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