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Top 5 Cycling Myths

We will talk about five cycling myths which is still running in our society.

People often say that instead of taking such expensive bicycle, I should have taken motorbike or scooter by adding some more money Guys I believe that we should take any vehicle according to our purpose and not to show off and all my aims from this bicycle are being fulfilled, so what do I need to take another vehicle Let’s imagine if I walk with your thinking then I used to use my budget as a down payment and nowadays good motorbikes do not even come with less than 60 to 70 thousands That is, I take a loan of one and a half times more than my budget and then I will have to spend on everyday fuel for using the motorbike I also have a passion for exercising for which I also joined the gym & which I have to pay separately But according to your thinking, I made a big mistake by taking a bicycle and because of which I have no loan on me, nor does I have to spend any fuel on transport, nor do I have to join a gym for exercising.

My bicycle is not only saving my money but also helping me save the environment with my health is also a question of lot of people that there is no carrier on my bicycle either to keep things or to get someone to sit together.

So let me tell you one thing racks in today’s bikes comes as an additional accessories and these racks also comes in two types so according to their strength we can keep things on the same but if you want to take someone with you then you should consider steel frames bikes rather than aluminum or carbon because they are solid & can carry multiple person So buy bikes according to your purpose there is also a question of lot of people that by how i travel on my bicycle guys it’s all about awareness just think how we commute with our vehicle by filling fuel in it once finished then refuel to ride further the same process we follow its all about nutrition because for cycling good diet is our fuel often people also tell me that nowadays people are upgrading themselves from scooters to motorbike and from motorbikes to car and i came to the bicycle from motor bike don’t understand the reason you all feel that taking expensive vehicles will upgrade our status So here i have to tell you that you are living with wrong thinking because it is not upgrading status but upgrading cost of living We often talk about high end power vehicles to take, but no one thinks that we are slowly forgetting our own strength From home to our work place, we have become habitual to living in AC.

Whether it is necessary or worthless to go anywhere do not let their foot down from 2 wheeler or 4 wheeler because walking is understandable against their pride but we cyclist understand the strength of our body and know how to make it more strong And we cyclist can proudly say that we have more stronger mind setup than you people and not only we are taking care of our health but also take initiative to save our environment too.

So I wish soon you will wake up & smell the coffee whenever someone comes to me to test ride my bike his first question remains the same that the height of your bike seat is quite high, I don’t even stand on the ground while sitting on it, how you ride this So guys I want to say that this is the biggest myth that is going on in our community so far almost 99% of the people think that sitting on the seat, and our feet should be on the ground above the bicycle only then will us able to cycle properly.

I would like to ask you a question how much time do you ride bicycle when you keep your feet on the ground & how much time do you peddling? So this is a very wrong technique that has so far been running in our society & let me tell you what is the disadvantage of this

As per your thinking I have reduced the height of the seat of my bike, now my feet seem to be comfortable on the ground now you feel that it is absolutely fine to ride bicycle this way but the biggest disadvantage is that as soon as i put my feet on the pedal and if i bring down the pedal to the bottom look now carefully that my leg is not straight means that whenever i do cycling my legs will maximum that much of straight not above this so the drawback of this is whenever I go for long distance cycling then my knee pain will start and that’s why we should set the height of our bicycle seat in such a way that our legs should straight at the time of pedal that’s the right position to ride our bicycle So let me show you what the correct position is for setting up the seat So friends like you can see that I have set the height of seat according to me.

Now you see that i have taken the pedal down & my legs are straight on the pedal So this is the right technique, we should keep the height of the seat like that our legs stay straight on the pedals And whenever we ever stop bike then we can get down from bike like that and whenever we ride, sit on top of the seat So guys this is the right technique that we should set the seat height according to our body nor even on the standing bicycle, we keep our feet on the ground.

This is the right technique through which the professional cyclist can run long easily without getting any serious knee pain.