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Best Full Suspension Mountain Bikes 2021


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What to look for When Buying a Full Suspension Mountain Bike

Lot of manufacturers developing suspension that little bit more, redefining forks and also shocks Plus, we’ve seen a few little gadgets, sort of gizmos, that allow you to set up your suspension that little bit easier.

We’re gonna take a look at some of those new standards, those new suspension, what that means for you, and we’ve got five different ones to take a look at. One thing that has really caught my attention has got to be the device called the Shockwiz. Now, this thing is really cool. It goes onto any air spring, on the fork or the shock, and it samples a hundred times per second It’s working through that pressure circuit, seeing how your compression’s working, your rebound, if it’s diving, how the setup, generally, is working for the end user.

It’s dead easy to use. Takes an app on your phone, so it can either be on an Android or on an iPhone Dead easy to use, dead easy to set up, and it really does just allow you to fine-tune that suspension, so you can get a better ride and your suspension is gonna perform to its maximum capabilities. Fox launched the 36 back in 2016 as a trail and enduro fork, and for 2021, they’ve revamped it. So, they’ve started to make it that little bit better.

They’ve gone for things like a bigger negative chamber, and the air spring. So, that’s just gonna give you more suppleness, so if you’re suffering from arm pump, or if you’re not feeling that you’ve got the traction at the start of travel, this is really gonna make a big change for you. There’s also less seals in there, so it’s gonna be smoother throughout that travel, and then if you’re adding volume spaces to Fox forks, well it’s easier than ever, ’cause you just snap them together underneath that top cap where the air spring is. There’s a whole host of different options, but if you’re looking for a new fork, then why not check them out? Moving on to a manufacturer that is really famous for, number one, its headsets and two, its rear shocks, it’s Canecreek, and after four years of development and top-secret development that no one really suspected them to really launch a fork just yet, they have done just that. It’s called the Helm, it comes in 27 1/2 inch only, at the moment, and you’ve got your low and your high speed compression adjustment, rebound, and then it’s an air spring.

So, this is super cool. It’s available in two colours, it’s black or it’s blue, and it’s something a little bit different Moving on to Rockshox, let’s take a look at some of those new shocks, ’cause they’ve totally redeveloped this, really, to work with that metric system that they’ve been pushing super hard these last couple of years. The metric system is good for a lot of reasons. It just makes it that little bit easier if you need to get spare parts, they also coincide with each other, and the best part is that if developments are gonna happen in the next couple of years, well it keeps it really consistent, especially with things like we’ve heard, electronic suspension, lockouts, both cable-operated and a hydraulic, it just means that that is all interchangeable.

The shocks that they’ve released, well it’s the Super Deluxe. You’ve got your low speed compression, rebound, and these both either come in air or coil, so check them out if you’re looking for a new shock. Now, this list really cannot be complete without talking about the Rockshox Pike. It was first debuted back in 2013, and Rockshox really felt that this was a benchmark for all trail forks to follow. For 2021, it’s been worked from the ground up, so they’ve changed a lot of things.

The first thing that I want to talk about is Boost Os, it’s a boost-only fork, 110 by 50 mil, and it comes in 29er or a 27 1/2. On the 29er, you’ve got 140 millimetres of travel. On the 27 1/2, you’ve got up to 160 millimetres of travel It’s an air fork, so you can put some tokens in there to really change the progressivity of the fork, make it ramp up that little bit more as it works its way through the travel, and then the damping, well that is covered by the Charger 2 Damper.  So, it’s similar to the Lyrik Fork, where it’s actually just a little brother of it, but it’s still a super aggressive trail fork that you can race enduro on.

Okay, so there are the five brand new suspension products for 2021 that you probably want to have a look.