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Different Cycling and Biking Shoes Styles

So how are cycling shoes really necessary? When on a leisurely ride, almost any kind of footwear will do. For those who have taken cycling on a more serious note, cycling and biking shoes are the only choice. Cycling shoes offer more benefits and indeed draws out the best performance out of every cyclist when […]

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Types of Cycling Shoes

When after you’ve already decided on a bike. It’s now time to pick the right cycling shoes for you. Cycling shoes are made differently from you regular sneakers because they are designed specifically for cycling. They have features included in them for the cyclist who wants better performance on every ride. The road bike shoes […]

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Cycling Shoes Size Chart

Whether you’re buying shoes online or from a brick and mortar shop, it’s essential to get the right size of biking shoes. However, it is not as easy as picking a regular pair of everyday shoes. The number of brands and their sizing made it difficult to select among the sea of options. There are […]

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How To Clean Cycling Shoes

Cyclists have other things in mind than getting a new bike or bike accessories. Their gear is as necessary since what they usually wear serves as the protective armour on the road, rain or shine. Biking shoes require as much attention as the rest of your cycling equipment. While they are built to resist the […]

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How To Replace Bike Pedals

The bike you ordered just arrived in a box, and upon opening, you notice that the pedals came separately from the rest of the body. It is necessary to show parts that are removable as well. Bike pedals get worn out just like the rest of the bike parts, so removal is vital. The bicycle […]

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How Should Cycling Shoes Fit

Cycling is a healthy outdoor sport. But if you want to take up biking seriously, just any kind of sneakers or sports shoes won’t do. Cycling shoes are the best footwear to have when you need to pedal great distances to reach your goal. They are essential to improving your performance on the road. They […]

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