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How To Pack Cycling Jersey Pockets Like Pros

It’s the day of your big event You’ve got yourself in shape, and your bike is primed and ready to roll.

You’re fueled and you’re adequately kitted out But what do you take with you in your jersey pockets to make sure you’re prepared for nearly all eventualities? Especially here in the beautiful Dolomite where the weather can be cruel as well as kind. First up is the middle pocket Now this is an ideal place to stow away your rain cape and or your gilt. And a handy little tip is this, you can also conceal your mini pump wrapped up in your rain cape.

Just make sure you do it nice and tight It’s worth taking a little bit of time. Place it in there, and hey presto, you’ve made a nice little start. Next on the agenda is the left-hand pocket Ideal place for your phone, and a handy little tip, inside your phone case, is to put a bank card, some form of identification, and a little bit of cash.

That all goes in there nice and neat Let’s just slot that in there, and that’ll keep your valuables and your phone safe and away from moisture. Now there’s still a little bit of room in there, so a handy place to stow a pair of arm warmers Unless it’s of course hot at the start.

Let’s just pop those inside And depending on the weather conditions, and always before a big event, check the weather of forecast, a good place for a pair of light gloves as well. Next up is the right-hand pocket, and we’re gonna place our food in here. But before we actually fill it with these nutritional products, it’s worth mentioning that it is very important on the side you place the food, because if you’re right-handed, put it in the right-hand pocket, if you’re left-handed, place your food in the left-hand pocket, because that is the pocket that you’re gonna be reaching into the most during your ride. In relation to the amount of food you need, well that’ll depend on the distance of the event itself, and also the availability of feed stations

But our advice is to play it a bit conservative, and take a little bit more than you need So that’ll include couple of gels, some energy bars, you can take more if you wish, and also mix it up a little bit with a few Muesli bars as well And finally you need to make sure that you carry with you on your event some essential spares. The bare minimum is as follows:
– a couple of inner tubes
– some tyre levers of course, to remove your tyre from the rim
– and importantly a multi-tool that should include a chain link extractor as well

As you can see, your pockets right now are pretty full. Our advice would be to buy a little saddle bag and store all these handy things underneath your saddle. Well there you have it, a pocket packing strategy.