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Triking Your Bike

In order to trike your bike you need to reach out to an installer of trike conversion kits and accessories.

There are many authorized Motor Trike dealers and specialized in converting 2-wheeled motorcycles into 3-wheeled trikes. Also there are different manufacturers of trike conversion kits. Usually, Triking Your Bike offers complete sales and installation of all Motor Trike products, including conversions for Harley-Davidsons, Hondas and more.

Triking Your Bike also means professional installation of all types of motorcycle accessories and upgrades and can do everything from raking your front end to adding chrome exhaust pipes.

You can also look into completely rebuild your wrecked Harley.

Regardless of whether we’re triking your bike, installing accessories or rebuilding your Harley, different suppliers and companies will provide friendly, honest service and superior workmanship. Please feel free to browse our site, or if you would like more information on such services, contact us today.