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A Cyclist’s Guide on Things To Take on a Mountain Bike Ride

We love a good trail centre but, as with any mountain biking, being prepared is the name of the game. So these are the top 10 things we take with us when going to a trail centre.

Number one, a car boot kit that always stays in the back of my car. That includes a track pump. It’s obviously much quicker than using a mini pump but also really handy for solving any tubeless problems. And then, I’ve got this bag that has inside it a toolkit. So that’s just this bum bag.

I’ve got tools that you probably wouldn’t want to carry out on the trail so a shock pump, one of these. Topeak kits with a slightly bigger range of tools in there, some chain lube, and there’s also a mini pump. Any sort of bits and bobs that you might need like spare cleats. Then, I’ve got a tube I actually take a 275 Presta ’cause that’ll fit in, basically, anything.

Some spare clothes, t-shirts, in case I get wet. Then I’ve got a towel just to wipe myself down, just a small one there. The essentials, a mat to get changed on. This is actually a surfing mat so you can stick this on the floor, stop your feet getting wet, stick all your muddy clothes in there, and then it ties up to keep them all from getting everything else in the back of the car wet. Spare socks, take them everywhere I go.

Whether it’s a fast blast or a longer ride at a trail centre, you definitely wanna go with some spare parts. We tend to put these inside our hydration packs and just leave them in there. Always carry a quality little mini pump. Some riders like to carry CO2 cartridges but they’re a bit wasteful unless you’re racing. Definitely carry a spare inner tube or two.

We recommend carrying a Presta valve ’cause that’ll fit any rim drilling and make it a 27 1/2 inch because it’ll fit 29 and 26 inch wheels too. Couple of tyre levers, always a great idea. Decent multi tool, make sure that your multi tool has a chain splitter on it because that’s gonna happen time to time. Always a good idea to take some cable ties because you can fix most sorts of things with those. We also like to keep some gear inner cables with us.

They’re good for seatpost controls and also, if you snap your rear mech cable, good idea to fix that out on the trail. We also like to carry a chain master link, whether that’s eight, nine, 10, 11, or even 12 speed. It’s a good idea for repairing a chain quick out on the trail, nice and safe as well. Finally, carry a little bag of bolts and spares. Inside this, I tend to keep chainring bolts, brake boss bolts, and cleat bolts for your shoes which can also double up as disc brake bolts.

Number three, water Now, some people prefer to carry a hydration pack with a bladder inside I actually, generally prefer to use a water bottle and a bottle cage on my bike. But that’s only 600 ml so if I’m going for a bigger ride, I will resort to using a riding pack.

Number four, pile of loose change. Perfect for the car park and getting the cheeky coffee on the way out. Number five, Riding kit is definitely need some good quality padded shorts, faithful, and, riding in the anywhere else, probably a decent waterproof jacket just to stash in that pack. Food Now, it’s always quite nice to have something on you just in case you need it.

But, especially for those bigger rides, you’re going to need to fuel them properly. Fruit and nuts are a great idea Also, you could use sport specific things like gels, you’ve got tabs that can go in your drink, and also a recovery drink for after is a pretty good idea. Protection. So, of course at the very least, you’re gonna need a good mountain bike helmet.

Obviously, the better quality, the better it is for your head. And also pick a helmet that’s suitable for the type of riding you do. So this is a trail helmet and it comes down lower at the back of your head to give you that bit more protection. Pads, so you can think about knee pads and elbow pads. Again, appropriate for the type of riding you do.

And also eyewear, especially important if you’re riding in wet conditions. Stop anything getting in your eyes and potentially damaging your eyeballs. Always take your phone with you as well Obviously for safety reasons if you need to ring anyone. Good for taking videos, taking a picture of your bike for Bike Vault on the Dirt Shed Show.

And of course, keep it nice and safe and waterproof in one of our little pocpacs. Number 10, take a riding buddy with you. Of course, riding by yourself is fun but it can be more fun using your limits with someone else and, of course, it’s much safer.