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About Us


Who Are We?

We are a group of very enthusiastic professional cyclists who love to share our passions with other passionate people.

We review weekly different products for cyclists, and we make sure that we recommend only items and equipment that will benefit our readers.

Most of our team members who review the products and write about them have 15+ years experience in cycling and have won silver and gold prizes at cycling competitions.

Also, beyond reviewing products, the Thunderhead Alliance purpose is to strive on supporting that every city, state and county across US, Europe, Australia and Asia has sustainable bicycle and pedestrian advocacy organizations that work towards a brighter and cleaner future for the planet.

Who Are Our Team Members?

Our team’s cyclists feature the reviews and tips on our website, and here is a short brief on who some of them are:

Stephen Hutchinson
UK-born, Stephen has won numerous awards at cycling competitions, including no #1 at The Fast Cyclist European 2019 Award, no #2 for 2016 and no #1 for 2014 edition. Besides the European competitions he participates in, Stephen is also a pro-active supporter of ecology and how cycling can help reduce the impact that cars have on the planet. He enjoys also using his mountain bike to go on rides across Austria’s and Italian mountains, in deep down falls. For long-distance tracks, Stephen uses his bibs with new adjustable straps in the back.

Tyler Corlis
Born in Italy, Tyler is a professional 25-year old cyclist. He enjoys biking and cycling on a weekly basis, with an extensive experience on cycling over 100’s KMs in Europe. His favorite time is morning, as he gets to do as many KMs miles possible. Tyler also won gold medals, including #1 spot at Cycling Euro-Asia 50 KM Competition 2015-2019. As an endurance athlete, Tyler has his own bonk moments too, that’s why on 50km+ distances he prefers always to rest and recover with high-carb foods and water.

Danny Chandler
Born and raised in California, USA, Danny is your typical very competitive cyclist. He has lots of experience in fixing bikes of all kinds, including chainrings, gears and he’s a self-taught expert in PSI elements (Pounds per Square Inch) for bike tires. Thanks to a previous degree in engineering, Danny uses his knowledge in improving his own bike but also to test different products and harness their potential. He has also competed at cycling tours for the last 7 years, and across 2014-2019, Danny won awards in USA, Europe and Australia.


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