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Affordable Transportation for Affordable Housing

Thunderhead’s goal for this program is to create a replicable model for our member organizations that partners them with local Community Development Corporations (CDCs) to bring true bicycle and pedestrian access to affordable housing developments. See our one pager here. Thunderhead organizations will bring their local expertise in bicycle and pedestrian transportation systems and programs as the CDCs focus on their expertise for the development.

Discussions with local agencies about bicycle and pedestrian provisions will be part of other infrastructure discussions for the developments such as sewer, utilities, etc. Because the partnerships will be in place in the design stage, proper sidewalks, intersection improvements and bicycle provisions will be in place by the time the families move in.
Cyclist on side of road
The greatest benefit to the residents will be their access to viable bicycling and walking, connected to transit and their whole communities (jobs, schools, shopping, play), that will entirely remove the need to own a car. But beyond that, because the Thunderhead organizations will continue to be involved in the projects, residents will have access to bike buddies and other common programs that help them choose these healthy, active modes of transportation. This access to bicycling and walking could also expand the site criteria for affordable housing, currently so narrowly defined by close proximity to transit, thus favoring infill over sprawl.

Thunderhead’s Community Bike Program networking project provides a direct connection for participating affordable housing developments to a community bike program in their area. These programs offer earn-a-bike programs, bicycle repair clinics and career development opportunities in bicycle mechanics and business management.

If you would like to support or assist with one of these early pilots that will develop into Thunderhead’s Affordable Transportation for Affordable Housing replicable model, please contact:

Dominic Liberatore, Interim Executive Director
Dominic “at”