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Best Road Bike Helmet 2021


Giro Savant Road Bike Helmet

Giro Savant Adult Road Cycling Helmet - Medium (55-59 cm), Matte Black/White

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Comprehensive Guide on Bike Helmet Safety Standards

Perhaps when you buy a cycling helmet, I think that he thinks helmets will protect yourself in case of emergency. However, on the other hand, you will never pay attention to the safety standards stuck on the inside of the helmet or on the outer box.

But it is really important to know the safety standards. Especially when you buy a new helmet. Although it is a general story, even the cheapest model of the brand that passed the name meets the safety standards, and it is not necessarily safer as it is a higher-class model. Rather it is more breathable, more aerodynamic, good, lighter and cool. Of course not for everyone.

The three major criteria we will pick up are those of US, Europe and Australia. Because they are slightly different from each other, It guarantees that the helmet itself is safe as long as you are wearing a helmet correctly. These three criteria are quite similar test standards. Although these are similar tests on the surface, these differences are serious for manufacturers and even the need to change the helmet itself to meet safety standards may be necessary. For example, changes in the density of polystyrene inside the shell can generally occur.

In order to carry out these tests, Manufacturers will send a number of identical helmets to an approved test facility and various tests will be carried out that they think it would have been nice to have themselves. First, we will address the impact test. The helmet is mounted on a head model with a sensor measuring shock, It is dropped from various angles at a height of 12 m to 185 m towards the plane. In order to imitate a situation like hitting a head against a rim of a curb or the like, The head model with a helmet is dropped onto the edge of the anvil.

In these tests it is confirmed that the head model inside the helmet does not exceed 250 G to 300 G. The figures vary according to the standards, which is 250 G for Australia and Europe, 300 G for US We will also test holding force. Hooks are hooked on the rim under the helmet, dropping the weight of 10 kg from 25 cm, causing sudden fluctuations. Can helmets stay on the head model? Can you continue to stay on the head even in the event of a collision? Likewise, chin strings are also affected by dynamic drag, It must have strength to withstand any load.

Especially interesting is only in Japan, but a hair oil test is being carried out. Apply white petrolatum to shock absorbing liners, chin straps etc, leave it for 24 hours, and examine the influence I think it is a very good thing, Lloyd’s helmet is being tested the same every day. Finally, all tests must be performed in an environment with a temperature of 17 to 23 degrees and a humidity of 25 to 75%. Since I have undergone such an examination, even if I use a helmet in the rain, it does not matter.

As mentioned earlier, you can probably see many different stickers by looking inside the helmet. Broadly speaking, the helmet passes through all the exams Australia’s standards are considered to be the toughest, In the impact resistance test, a lower G is set, and a unique test called a load dispersion test is also carried out. This is to give impacts to very small places, because helmet use should comply with safety standards in accordance with the laws of each country. But apart from that, what do you need to know as a user? It is to be sure to check the sticker to prove that the helmet you are planning to purchase meets the safety standards of your country of residence.