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Fizik Luce Women’s Saddle Review

In its first foray into women’s saddles, Fizik claims its new Luce saddle follows a diff erent path to the infamous ‘shrink it and pink it’ route taken by many brands when launching women-specific products. By analysing all standards of female riders Fizik found its traditional fit logic didn’t apply, so the Luce is shaped […]

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DMT RS1 Shoes Review

In recent years pros have been demanding ever-lighter fabrics to race in at the Grand To urs in the height of summer. Previously the solution was to perforate existing fabrics but this caused ventilation to come at the expense of protection (and modesty – Google ‘Chris Froome’s 2014 mesh skinsuit’ to get an idea). In […]

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Duratec Phantom Review

Take a look at the Duratec Phantom and you’d struggle to see what is special about it. There are no outlandish tube shapes or go-faster gizmos or integrated whatnots. Even the paintjob is fairly conservative, yet Czech brand Duratec would argue the Phantom is genuinely revolutionary and not like any other bike out there. The […]

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