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Oakley Crossrange Prizm Glasses Review

If ‘hyperspectral’ sounds cool, it is. The process involves dividing light up into many more bands than the red-greenblue of the human eye, and Oakley has used it to create a lens that filters out ambient light ‘noise’ for greater clarity of vision. The texture of tarmac, for example, appears more pronounced through a Prizm Road lens than, say, the browns and greens of a forest (for that there’s a mountain bike-tuned ‘Trail’ version). Oakley has slipped these lenses into its latest glasses, the Crossrange, designed to be both ‘lifestyle’ and cyclingspecific thanks to interchangeable arms and nosepiece. In cycling mode the arms are made from ‘Unobtanium’, a silicone material that grips more when wet with sweat.