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Welcome to the Bike & Ped Advocacy Resource Library!

Here you will find the latest resources for bicycle and pedestrian advocates. Over 500 resources in this library include sample documents and publications from Thunderhead member organizations, research and data on bicycling and walking issues, educational resources, public service announcements, models for organizing successful events, and more.

Feel free to browse the categories for resources of interest, or enter key words into the search tool to find exactly what you need. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Submit a request for a resource by clicking the button at the top of each page. You can also submit resources you would like to share with other bicycle and pedestrian advocacy leaders.

Most of these documents and resources are password protected for the benefit of our member organizations and supporters. If you would like your non-profit state or local bicycle and/pedestrian advocacy organization to become a Thunderhead member organization, or if you would like to become one of our valued supporters, please

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Find resources needed for planning and winning campaigns for bicycle and pedestrian advocacy. Resource topics include complete streets, legislation and policies, and local infrastructure. Also find resources on education and propoganda including Safe Routes to School, promoting bike commuting and safety, and public service announcements (PSAs).


Find resources for planning successful events including Bike to Work Day, fundraising galas, and fundraising bike rides. Also included in this category are resources on soliciting sponsors for events and resources on planning and promoting a bike valet service for your events.


Find everything you need to manage and operate a successful non-profit. Categories include starting an organization, board materials, communications, fundraising, legal issues, managing and staffing your organization, and membership. Resources such as sample bylaws, newsletters, strategic plans, and direct mail appeals can be found in this category.


Find reports, articles, and statistics that you need to support your advocacy work. Resource topics in this category include bicycling, walking and automobile stats, transportation and the environment, health, safety, and social and environmental justice.

Thunderhead Member Services

Find information on Thunderhead Alliance’s member services including documents and resources from past Thunderhead Trainings and Retreats, notes and recordings from past Thunderhead Mutual Aid conference calls, information on accessing Thunderhead’s listserv, and more.