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Best Road Bikes

Vilano Aluminum Road Bike 21 Speed Shimano


Merax Finiss Aluminum 21 Speed


Aluminum Road Bike Commuter Bike Shimano 21

What to look for in Road Bikes

Road bikes can start at about $200 but easily cost in the thousands of dollars for a top notch competition level road bike. Your budget will be your biggest factor in your decision.

Do you plan on riding for the road only or will you be racing the bike as well? Racing bikes are going to be lighter and a lot more difficult for the casual rider to control. Racing bikes are not as comfortable as road bikes. Unless you plan on racing you should not consider getting a racing bike since the benefits will not be felt by regular riders.

Your next choice is in choosing the material type. Titanium was once the premier material used on all premium bikes because of its savings in weight however now premium bikes are made of a combination of titanium and carbon fiber. Most beginning riders as well as experienced riders not competing will find a happy medium in choosing a bike made of aluminum.

Choosing the bike’s manufacturer is also important. Hand made bikes are available but will cost a lot of money. You can choose to go with a large bike manufacturer, the advantage is they make bikes in such large volumes and can sell quality bikes cheaper.