The Thunderhead Alliance Staff - Thunderhead Alliance

The Thunderhead Alliance Staff

  • Jeff Miller, President / CEO
  • Kristen Steele, Director of Outreach & Development
  • Jeremy W Grandstaff, Director of Member Resources


Jeff Miller, President / CEO

Jeffrey Miller was appointed President and CEO of the Thunderhead Alliance in the spring of 2008. A bike advocate since 1990, Jeff served as Executive Director of the Bicycle Coalition of Maine for 12 years, growing the organization into one of the strongest and most respected bicycle coalitions in North America. Jeff became an advocate when he biked across the U.S. in ’90 while in college. Two years later he was awarded a Thomas J. Watson Fellowship to study and experience the bicycle infrastructure and policies in 15 countries including Japan, China, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, and around Europe. That 14-month around-the-world bike tour served as a significant part of his education in bicycle advocacy, policy, and infrastructure design. Jeff uses his bike year round for transportation, enjoys touring and exploring, and competing in road races and triathlons. In addition to his experience running a statewide coalition, Jeff has served as president for the local Friends of the Kennebec River Rail Trail and serves on the board of the nation’s largest bicycling organization, the Adventure Cycling Association.


Kristen Steele, Director of Outreach & Development

Kristen joined our staff in January 2007 as our Outreach & Development Manager. She brings over nine years of experience working with non-profits and her experience as the former Executive Director and one of the founders of Charleston Moves in South Carolina. Since joining Thunderhead, Kristen has coordinated the 2007 Benchmarking Report, facilitated Thunderhead Trainings in Louisville, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, and coordinated Thunderhead’s communications. Kristen staffs our San Francisco office where she reaches out to leaders of Thunderhead organizations and our partners and funders to get them what they need along our next big steps together.


Jeremy W Grandstaff, Director of Member Resources

Jeremy joined our staff in June 2007. He brings a list of assets not only from his deep involvement with non-profits, but his personal experience as a blind person seeking the highest level of pedestrian expectations, including access to transit. Prior to his employment with the Thunderhead Alliance for Biking and Walking, he worked as an Organization Development consultant with various groups including, but not limited to, the City of Detroit Health Department, Ohio Rail Development Commission, Columbus Gay Men’s Chorus, Bowling Green State University School of Art, and United Christian Fellowship. Jeremy’s education and background include a master’s Degree in Organization Development, Batchelor of Science in Management Information Systems, and four years as a production/quality manager for IBM Global Services. Finally, Jeremy also had the opportunity to intern with Kathy Dannemiller and Roland Loup, both pioneers of Whole Scale Change—a strategic planning process that engages the organization in a more complete vision and action plan.