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Threo Herne Hill Women’s Jersey Review

‘We found most women’s kit didn’t fit very well, wasn’t in the bright and bold colours we loved, wasn’t designed to flatter us, and we were often short-changed on the fabric quality, ’ says Rhian Ravenscroft, co-founder of Threo. The brand was created by Ravenscroft and business partner Laura Mundy, both busy professionals and keen cyclists. They wanted to create clothing for women across a range of endurance sports, but it was cycling where they claim they found most ground for improvement. Threo’s Herne Hill jersey juggles comfort with flattering aesthetics, with a redesigned slimmer side panel, slightly longer sleeves and with effective sweat wicking, all with a cut designed for women. As Ravenscroft puts it, ‘We are British women and athletes. We’re not built like an Italian man.’

Source : Cyclist