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Add Endurance to Your Cycling

Lance Armstrong, ever since he started winning the Tour De France, has breathed new life into the sport of cycling in the United States. Cycling is a great part of any weight management program. It is great to hit the road with your bike and knock out a bunch of miles. There is very little that is more relaxing than chugging away from the top of a bike. It is also a great sport for you to train for year round. Almost any gym will have professional level cycling bikes that will aid any one that is looking for the proper way to train. Yet, even after you have decided that you want to ride your bike you should look into the competitive level riding.

There are different ways that a person could compete on their bikes. There are plenty of local bike races that will help you to assign a goal to all of the training time that you put into cycling. Training for a race can be very rewarding as many people will try to find groups that they can ride with while training, and also ride with while they are actually racing. Cycling is a very unique sport as it recognizes individual accomplishments, but it usually requires a group effort for that person to win a race. Even when you are watching cycling on a professional level in Europe, riders from many different teams will work together for the bulk of the race only to fight out the end result as they near the conclusion of the race. With all of your training to improve your cycling don’t forget the importance of increasing your endurance.

The amount of endurance that your muscles have is really equal to a person’s point of exhaustion. The further that a person is able to push their body, the more endurance that person has. Researchers have found that one of the best ways to increase the endurances that a person has is to add Omega-3 fatty acids to your diet. Research has shown that people with higher levels of Omega-3 fatty acids are able to take more oxygen into their blood stream, and they also have stronger heart muscles. In addition people with higher levels of Omega-3 fatty acids have less heart disease and also have lower levels of bad cholesterol.

The problem for humans to get Omega-3 fatty acids they need to ingest it. The human body cannot produce Omega-3 fatty acids on its own. The best sources of Omega-3 fatty acids are fish and organ meats. Fish is the better of the two options as it is the leanest type of protein that contains the Omega-3 fatty acids. Yet, better than adding large portions of fish to your diet, is to take a fish oil supplement. Omega-3 fatty acids take weeks for your muscles to absorb them into the muscle fibers. Taking an Omega-3 fatty acid supplement is a great way of providing your body with the constant stream of Omega-3 fatty acids it needs. Also it is far more cost effective to use an Omega-3 fatty acid dietary supplement over buying and preparing fish in your diet.

Using this new research to your advantage can provide you with a definite edge as you are cycling. Cycling is a sport that is really about determination, your body’s sheer will to press on. You should try to do everything you can to help your body to have the most endurance that it can have. Plus, the other health benefits that Omega-3 fatty acids provide cannot be beat.