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Guide on What to look for bike frame material

The best frame material really depends on what you’re going to use the bike for, and what you want to prioritize. Is it low, weight or is it strength and durability, or is it the appearance of the bike. A lot of people talk about steel frames being comfortable. They say there’s an inherent springiness […]

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Step-by-Step Guide on How To Control Your Front Wheel

Learning to place the front wheel can be massively handy in lots of trail situations In this video, we’re gonna look at how to and where to use the technique. The first step, what’s the technique involved when it comes to front-wheel control and placement Well, there’s two different approaches to it You can either […]

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How To Stay Safe When You Ride a Bicycle

The cost of transportation is increasing due to skyrocketing gas prices. The situation forces more and more people to find ways how to save money on gas and transportation costs. If you are looking for an alternative mode of transport, then the best that you can do is to buy a bicycle (or as the […]

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Guide on Ways to Keep Your Feet Warm While Riding a Bike

We’re going to be talking about feet. Tips on keeping your feet warm and had lots of questions since then. So I thought I’d expand a bit. OK, five tips for keeping your feet warm on a bike. It will work for anything. Tip No 1: Wear the right socks. Now, I know this sounds […]

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A Quick Tips for Heavy People Riding on a Bike

Really the next step up from those types of bikes is a mountain bike. Mountain bikes are made for “normal” people to ride on rough terrain and “catch a little air” etc. As a result the frame, wheels, and parts are stronger and more durable to take a little more abuse. Heavier riders can then […]

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A Quick Guide on How To Set Up Cleats For Clipless Pedals

In this instance we’re going to show you using a Dura-Ace cleat, and a Dura-Ace pedal. So we’re back with Oli Beckingsale, an expert bike fitter, who’s gonna explain exactly how to do it. We’ve already mounted the cleat, and it’s quite simple to do, and it’s hard to get wrong But if you are […]

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How To Set Up Clipless Pedals Easy Guide

We’re going to look at how to set up clipless pedals and shoes. First, set the cleat placement in the shoe. The cleat is this little metal interface that actually clips into the spring retention system on the pedal. Placement on the bottom of the shoe is really important for pedaling efficiency but also affects […]

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A Cyclist’s Guide on How To Fit Clipless Pedal Cleats

Cleats on shoes do wear out. They are not an item, I’m afraid, that last forever. How often you need to replace them depends a little bit on how much you ride, but actually mainly on how much time you spend walking around in your cycling shoes. Basically, how much time do you spend in […]

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Ultimate Guide on How To Position Cleats On Cycling Shoes

Today we will talk about one of the most common cyclists concerns. How to get the right cleat positioning. First of all it must be clear that the cleat position in may vary according to the different types of rider and their own body features, however we will show you a simple procedure that will […]

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