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Born in UK, Stephen has already won numerous awards at cycling competitions, including no #1 at The Fast Cyclist European 2019 Award, no #2 for 2016 edition and no #1 for 2014. Besides the high-performance European competitions he participates in, Stephen is also a very pro-active supporter of ecology and how cycling can help reduce the impact that cars have on our planet. He enjoys also using his mountain bike to go on rides across Austria’s and Italian mountains, in deep down falls. For long-distance tracks, Stephen uses his bibs with new adjustable straps in the back. For city rides, he enjoys testing a variety of bikes that will deliver the performance and reliability he is looking for.

5 Thoughts After 5 Giro Stages

This Giro-Tour double thing is going to be mighty fun, right up until Contador loses and that might be in the Giro This would qualify as unexpected. Yes, Alberto Contador is audaciously attempting to win the Giro and the Tour in the same year and nobody has done it since 1998. And Contador’s presence makes […]

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Fizik R3B Road Cycling Shoes Review 2021

The new X-ALP Elevate really represents what modern mountain biking is all about. Mountain bikes have progressed and really transformed mountain biking and we needed a shoe that really kept up with the technology in the pace of innovation. The Elevate, like all of X-ALP shoes does two great things: It maintains pedal stiffness where […]

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Top 5 Sprinting Mistakes To Avoid at All Times

If you’re in too large a gear, you won’t be able to get that initial jump and acceleration needed to get up to speed as quickly as possible. Churning in excessively big gear will also mean you lose the element of surprise on your rivals, essentially opening the door to defeat. Select that gear and […]

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How To Pack Cycling Jersey Pockets Like Pros

It’s the day of your big event You’ve got yourself in shape, and your bike is primed and ready to roll. You’re fueled and you’re adequately kitted out But what do you take with you in your jersey pockets to make sure you’re prepared for nearly all eventualities? Especially here in the beautiful Dolomite where […]

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