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Born in UK, Stephen has already won numerous awards at cycling competitions, including no #1 at The Fast Cyclist European 2019 Award, no #2 for 2016 edition and no #1 for 2014. Besides the high-performance European competitions he participates in, Stephen is also a very pro-active supporter of ecology and how cycling can help reduce the impact that cars have on our planet. He enjoys also using his mountain bike to go on rides across Austria’s and Italian mountains, in deep down falls. For long-distance tracks, Stephen uses his bibs with new adjustable straps in the back. For city rides, he enjoys testing a variety of bikes that will deliver the performance and reliability he is looking for.

Getting In Shape The Fun Way

Today millions of people are working on eating more healthy and being more active. Many are finding that road biking is a great way for people of any age to get in shape and spend time together as a family at the same time. It is importantroad-biking-fun that you get clearance from your doctor before […]

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Saving Money and Time By Riding a Bike to Work

Biking was once considered a leisurely pastime, but over the past few years it has increased in popularity and once again gained a foothold in American society. There are several reasons for this spike in popularity.road-bike-2-work As the economy has faltered and the debilitating effects of the recession have lingered, people are looking for more […]

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Road Bike Workout Ideas

At times exercise can be a mind-numbing task filled with monotonous repetition, but by incorporating a few diverse road bike workout ideas into the mix exercise can actually become something that is eagerly anticipated. The various road-bike-workoutways road bike workout ideas can be utilized are nearly endless, limited only by the imagination of the participant […]

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Road Bike Maintenance

Caring for a road bike is easy. You will need Road Bike Maintenance • Rag • Wallpaper brush • Dishwashing soap • Water • Bucket • Small stiff bristle brush • Bicycle lubricant • 120 grit sandpaper • Tire gauge • Alcohol The first step is to wash the bicycle with warm, soapy water after […]

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Replacement pedals for exercise bikes

An exercise bike represents the perfect solution for the ones that want to lose some weight and maintain a good physical condition without going to the gym every day. It occupies some space, but on the other hand it is easy to use, comfortable and has a great effect on the muscles from your legs. […]

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Triking Your Bike

In order to trike your bike you need to reach out to an installer of trike conversion kits and accessories. There are many authorized Motor Trike dealers and specialized in converting 2-wheeled motorcycles into 3-wheeled trikes. Also there are different manufacturers of trike conversion kits. Usually, Triking Your Bike offers complete sales and installation of […]

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World Economical Bicycle Lights

Bicycles are the most primitive and the most economical form of the transport. Everyday we see hundreds of bicycles on the road and streets. Many people go for cycling just as a sport or for fitness purposes while many others use it as economical form of the transport. In this manner the bicycles are important […]

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A Road Bike

The frame and fork are from Falco. They do a lot of carbon and have some sweet looking frames, but I saw they also do Ti (and Al) and asked and yes they will do custom for an extra fee (even for the Al, but it a big price increase for the Al frames). The […]

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