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Road Bike Maintenance

Caring for a road bike is easy. You will need Road Bike Maintenance

• Rag
• Wallpaper brush
• Dishwashing soap
• Water
• Bucket
• Small stiff bristle brush
• Bicycle lubricant
• 120 grit sandpaper
• Tire gauge
• Alcohol

The first step is to wash the bicycle with warm, soapy water after each ride. The best soap to use is regular dish washing soap. Put the soap in the bottom of the bucket and add water. Use a large wallpaper brush to wash all the large surfaces. The long bristles make it easy to reach most areas of the bike.

The second step is to use a smaller brush to reach the more detailed areas of the bike. Make sure and remove all the dirt. This will help the bike keep from rusting.

The third step is to clean the bike chain. Wipe the chain to get all the dirt off. Turn the rear wheel as you clean so that you get all the parts of the chain.

The fourth step is to apply lubricant made just for bikes to these parts:

• Chain
• Brake arms
• Brake levers
• Cables
• Rear derailleur
• Jockey wheel
• Front mech

The fifth step is to lightly sand the brake pads. After finishing wipe vigorously to remove all dust.

The sixth step is to use alcohol and remove all the grease from the rim surfaces.

The seventh step is to check the tires for wear. When worn replace them immediately. Make sure and keep the right amount of air in the tires.