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Cycling In Europe A Great Way To Vacation

Cycling in Europe has been a popular way to spend a vacation for many years. Those who love to ride bikes and experience the culture of the country they are visiting will love touring Europe on a bike. One doesn’t need to be an expert cyclist to see a country this way. Tours are available for all levels of biking experience.

Planning an vacation is exciting. Deciding exactly where to go and stay can prove to be difficult if one has not taken a trip like this before. There are many blogs and websites on line that offer tips and suggestions for bike tour vacations. There are also many books available on the subject.

Depending on how many days one has to spend traveling, there are trips that can be customized and fit into the time available. There are many guided tours that can be taken with a guide to show the way. These are the most traditional form of a bike tour. Often these trips will include a history of the areas along the bike route. A tour like this is already planned and takes a lot of the work out of planning the vacation.

Many companies that offer guided cycling in Europe tours have planned routes to choose from. Most trips will last for about 7 days and 6 nights. These week long trips will often include luggage transportation, meals and lodging. There are also companies that offer day trips with a guide. Guided day tours can be a great option for beginners looking for a cycling experience. The shorter time frame and less miles required for travel can be easier for a beginner group and still allow for the immersing oneself in the culture of the country for a day.

Planning a personal tour is also a service that is offered from cycling tour guides. In most cases tours are given to small groups of people but if one want to have a more intimate experience personal cycling tours are also an option. These can be customized to fit and individual.

Tour guides are of locals who live in the area the tour will travel. Having a tour guide that can share a history of the country as well as personal experiences is a great opportunity. Learning about a country in way is a personal and one of a kind trip to remember. Companies that offer cycling tours in Europe have bikes available for traveling. It is common for them to have well maintained men’s and women’s bikes. Some companies also carry tandem bikes that can be used for tours. Discounts are also offered by tour companies for those that a more skilled or are hobby cyclist and prefer to vacation this way. These programs often work like a frequent travels club. Once a traveler has used the services so many times they are offered a discount on their next trip.

Tours are available to all levels of cyclist. For those that want to challenge their biking skills there are more difficult tours. If one is just looking for a physical activity to incorporate into a vacation a bike tour can be the way to go. Cycling in Europe can be a great way to travel.