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Difference Between Mountain And Road Bikes

Are you one of the many individuals wanting to learn the difference between these two very popular bikes? Road bikes are certainly built to give your legs a work out. When a rider gets ready to ride his or her road bike, they’re positioned inroad-bike-vs-mountain-bike a very unique way, generally in a bent over position to help the rider focus on speed.

Have you ever noticed a road bike rider gripping their bent handle bars? This is a unique difference between the road and mountain bikes. In other words, the road bike is built simply for that, the road. It gives you great speed for racing and gliding along based on it’s shape.

The mountain bike however, is specifically designed to help you pedal up and down steep hills. The wide handle bars and clever suspension systems on these bikes are preferred by riders who do ride the more rugged areas. In fact, in distinguishing the difference between this type of bike and a road bike, you’ll notice the difference in weight, tires, and handle bars right away. These are certainly the most apparent differences.

If you have ever picked up your mountain bike you notice it’s heaviness instantly. The extra weight of the mountain bike is what gives it the ability to get you up and down the mountain with ease. Perhaps the easiest and most obvious difference in the bikes are the tires. Road bikes have more narrow tires for speed than the mountain bike. So go riding!