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Stay safe on the roads

Riding a bike on the road can be very dangerous if you do not know the rules and laws. Before venturing out it would be a good idea to take a road safety course. Many municipalities can give you information on where to take one. To be safe road-bicycle-safety-backpackon the roads, call your municipality office to begin a safety course.

First of all you will begin by learning all the traffic laws. Your bike will be a vehicle on the road so you need to understand them completely. Wear clothing with bright colors so other drivers can see you easily. The easier a vehicle can see you the safer you will be.

Obey all traffic signs and signals and always ride on the right side of the road with traffic. Always use hand signals when making turns. You want all vehicles to know if you are turning. Keep alert for vehicles pulling out in front of you and install mirrors on your bike to have an easy view of vehicles behind you. Keep both hands on your bike at all times so you are prepared to stop in an emergency. If you are riding at night install proper lights on your bike.

The better a vehicle can see you the safer you will be. Keeping your bike in good mechanical shape, especially the brakes, will provide a safer ride for you. Always wear a helmet. Most serious injuries are head injuries and wearing a helmet at all times can reduce these greatly. Following all the rules on the road will keep you protected.