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Tips for Road Biking

Any serious discussion of presenting tips for road biking has to begin and end with addressing safety issues for all concerned parties – not just the biking participants themselves, but automobile drivers and pedestrians as well. RoadBiking_tipsAlthough we tend to collectively view those engaged in road biking as vulnerable, it becomes necessary to examine a road biker’s actions and their impact on others in their path. Clearly, one of the most unrecognized tips for road biking is to understand that by maintaining safe practices while road biking an individual is actually helping to keep the road safe for everyone around them.

One of the best places to begin in analyzing tips for road biking is to start with the bike and the attire chosen by the bike rider. A bicycle that is designated for road riding should be mechanically perfect, possessing both a headlight and several reflectors that are easily visible. Clothing worn by a road bike rider should be both loose fitting and bright in color, with several areas of reflective cloth sewn to the back, arms, legs and helmet to enhance a prominent appearance.

Lastly, one of the more prudent tips for road biking is to become familiar with a road course before starting out. This can be most easily accomplished by driving the road biking route in your car beforehand, taking close note of potential dangers. Routes that have roads with high speed limits and poorly maintained surfaces should be eliminated in favor of more agreeable locations.