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Tyler Corlis is a 25-year old Cyclist from Italy. He enjoys cycling and biking on a weekly basis, and has extensive experience in cycling for 100's KMs across Europe.

Best Dirt Bike Tires 2021

Michelin Starcross MH3 Motocross Rear Tire   Bridgestone M22 Motocross Rear Tire Pirelli Scorpion MX32 Pro Rear Tire   Best Dirt Bike Tires Reviews You should ensure considerations when picking tires – many people will be at puncture resistance and road grip during winter season before low rolling resistance in the summertime months. One way […]

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Step-by-Step Guide on How To Control Your Front Wheel

Learning to place the front wheel can be massively handy in lots of trail situations In this video, we’re gonna look at how to and where to use the technique. The first step, what’s the technique involved when it comes to front-wheel control and placement Well, there’s two different approaches to it You can either […]

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A Quick Tips for Heavy People Riding on a Bike

Really the next step up from those types of bikes is a mountain bike. Mountain bikes are made for “normal” people to ride on rough terrain and “catch a little air” etc. As a result the frame, wheels, and parts are stronger and more durable to take a little more abuse. Heavier riders can then […]

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Best Strong Wheels for Cyclists Guide 2021

If you are a heavy cyclist you really need strong wheels suitable for your type of riding. If your weight is too much above average, most likely the first things you will damage are the wheels. You will either break spokes, have trouble keeping the wheel straight (in true), or even worse you will have […]

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A Quick Guide on How To Set Up Cleats For Clipless Pedals

In this instance we’re going to show you using a Dura-Ace cleat, and a Dura-Ace pedal. So we’re back with Oli Beckingsale, an expert bike fitter, who’s gonna explain exactly how to do it. We’ve already mounted the cleat, and it’s quite simple to do, and it’s hard to get wrong But if you are […]

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