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Tyler Corlis is a 25-year old Cyclist from Italy. He enjoys cycling and biking on a weekly basis, and has extensive experience in cycling for 100's KMs across Europe.

Difference Between Mountain And Road Bikes

Are you one of the many individuals wanting to learn the difference between these two very popular bikes? Road bikes are certainly built to give your legs a work out. When a rider gets ready to ride his or her road bike, they’re positioned inroad-bike-vs-mountain-bike a very unique way, generally in a bent over position […]

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Best Road Bikes

Vilano Aluminum Road Bike 21 Speed Shimano   Merax Finiss Aluminum 21 Speed   Aluminum Road Bike Commuter Bike Shimano 21 What to look for in Road Bikes Road bikes can start at about $200 but easily cost in the thousands of dollars for a top notch competition level road bike. Your budget will be […]

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Tips for Road Biking

Any serious discussion of presenting tips for road biking has to begin and end with addressing safety issues for all concerned parties – not just the biking participants themselves, but automobile drivers and pedestrians as well. RoadBiking_tipsAlthough we tend to collectively view those engaged in road biking as vulnerable, it becomes necessary to examine a […]

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Stay safe on the roads

Riding a bike on the road can be very dangerous if you do not know the rules and laws. Before venturing out it would be a good idea to take a road safety course. Many municipalities can give you information on where to take one. To be safe road-bicycle-safety-backpackon the roads, call your municipality office […]

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Arlington Bikes And Walks

Let’s make our voices heard Urge our elected representatives on the Arlington County Boardto reject drastic budget cuts that would gut local programsdesigned to make biking and walking safer and more convenient. County Board Members: Calendar – Watch for updates here Chat up a warm and fuzzy, elected County Board MemberCheck out Open Door Mondays. They’re informal conversations […]

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Training Programs For Improving Cycling Strength

Essentially the most basic of cycling training programs for boosting your cycling endurance is riding over rather long distances regularly and consistently. This cycling training program aims at building your muscles’ strength and improving your cardiovascular system so that you have better oxygen uptake, body recovery and to build-up your leg muscles power. In this […]

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Add Endurance to Your Cycling

Lance Armstrong, ever since he started winning the Tour De France, has breathed new life into the sport of cycling in the United States. Cycling is a great part of any weight management program. It is great to hit the road with your bike and knock out a bunch of miles. There is very little […]

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Unboxing AERO Carbon Fiber Wheels

Good wheels and tires are the #1 keys to speed while cycling – apart from improving the motor (ie the rider). When it comes to road cycling at speeds over 30kph aerodynamics become an increasingly important factor. My “normal” everyday riders have been a set of 50mm rims with an Al brake track and DT240 […]

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Small Bike For A Big Cyclist

I got this Dahon Archer P8 when I first got to Shanghai for work as I wanted a bike to keep in my apartment so I could go exploring. I get a lot of stares from the locals. I don’t know if it is because I’m the only person wearing a helmet (constant vigilance required […]

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Basic Bike Cleaning & Maintenance

Like any cyclist, you want your bike to last as many years as possible after all, bikes are not cheap (especially the good ones). How often you service your bicycle depends on how much mileage you put on it every week. It is recommended that you service your bike every 150 miles or so. If […]

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